Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Soldier's Mom: If Dirt Were $$$$

Some Soldier's Mom: If Dirt Were $$$$

This is a very good "rant," as she calls it. I wonder do these so-called journalists actually believe they are pursuing a noble cause? Because firstly, they are merely info-tainers - gossips out for glory and the almighty dollar - and they don't seem to care in the least who gets hurt in the process. Their short-sightedness prevents them from seeing that they themselves will also be hurt when - yes, WHEN - their all -consuming "passion" for headlines, circulation, attention results in jihadists succeeding in their evil goal. That goal IS the annihilation of the freedoms our GIs currently fight for and for which so many of our brave fought for, many died for in the history of our country. What the heck is wrong with these knuckleheads??????


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