Sunday, July 09, 2006


And then - Italy won the world cup. My soldier told me they would... Yes, he told me this morning when he called!! The phone rang at 6:24 am.... We spoke for about an hour, mainly about nothing really. But so good to hear his voice. He is on the short end of his deployment and I am SO looking forward to his return. "Hey, are you going to stay at the same hotel as dad again this time?" (His last redeployment we were indeed at the same hotel and in fact our 2 rooms were in the same exact place but opposite halls....) "That was really convenient." Yes, it was! We even rode around together, my ex, his new wife (who I claim as MY new wife - she's a real sweetie!), and I to go pick up the "boy" when we were allowed to do so!

There is a great post at Cao's blog - ( about Hatred and its value...

Signing off for now!!!


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